Application Development

  • Our engineers are highly trained with many years of application development experience below their belt.
  • We are particularly strong in Microsoft Technology and Open Source solution development.


  • We provide development without borders.
  • Our people come from different part of the world, therefore you do not need to worry about delivery.
  • We can do remote support if need arises.

Mobile Application Development

  • We are the human behind the machines.
  • Mobile application and commerce is more real now then ever, we started mobile application development when the first iPhone hits the market.
  • We have done the first mobile application for numerous National Boards and International MNC.

Our Mission

We are a group of professionals, that came together to provide our services.

For the pass 15 years we have developed applications for MNCs & Government Boards (Singapore).

We are old school and believe that everything should be working before the testing starts.

This is a summary of our capabilities:


1. Mobile Application Development (android, iOS, windows)

2. Customized Application Development

3. Web Application Development

4. Backend Database Customization

5. Web Portal Development (website, e-commerce)



To help us help you better, please provide us with more details in your request.

For example but not limited to,

1. Application nature/detail (mobile, web, database etc)

2. Stages of development (initial, mid-way, testing phase)

3. Time to market (project delivery schedule)

4. Estimated budget (our rate range from S$30 - S$50 per hour)

Kindly drop us an email and our Customer Support Manager will revert to you within 5 working days.